Like roots splitting stone

Alexandra Papademetriou
Short Exhibition

Like roots splitting stone is both a proposal and an invitation. Emerging from Papademetriou’s ongoing artistic research, Like roots splitting stone asks: How can a degrowth approach to the arts be imagined and implemented? Art is often mobilised within activist movements in the service of social change, but how can activist values enter artistic practices to create a more equitable and humane field?

The purpose is to formulate a conceptual framework for creative and exhibitionary practices aimed towards degrowth, while simultaneously composing a toolbox for artists, curators, as well as institutions, aimed towards designing ethical and sustainable creative practices during this period of prolonged social crisis and beyond. While the project has been initiated by Alexandra Papademetriou, the aim now is to open it up, to drive it forward with collaboration and discourse, bringing in a variety of perspectives.

Like roots splitting stone is an invitation to think together on these questions, and to bring more questions to the table. Like roots splitting stone offers some starting thoughts, some positions and provocations – but the material presented here is offered as a proposal, as a starting point for further dialogue, as something to build upon and to dismantle. It is not presented as authoritative nor resolved.

The material here begins with a brief overview of the concept of degrowth, to then move on to some key values and disavowals. Based on these, Like roots splitting stone puts forward a set of strategies directed towards creating greater equity in the arts.

The intention here is to crack open the research project, turn it inside out, and open it up. To create a space for different ways of thinking, for new discussions, for new collaborations. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, Papademetriou will be present in space. There will be coffee, and places to rest, and the gallery space will be always activated as a place for people and ideas to meet.