About Gallery 54

Gallery 54 is run by the board  Grupp 54 consisting of professional artists. Our goal is to continuously present new resonating artworks. Gallery 54 is a plattform for discussion and realisation of new thoughts and ideas.

The board  of Galleri 54 activities for 2016/2017

Ilona Huss Walin (Ordförande)
Elisabeth Riisager (Vice ordförande)
Olle Andersson (Kassör)
Gustavo Perillo (Sekreterare)
Christin Wahlström
Denis Romanovski
Magdalena Rapala
Emma Ströde
Fröydi Laszlo


Groupp 54 was created in 1954 and Gallery 54 has been run by the group board since 1959.
In the current venue we are since 2005.

Gallery 54 is supported by  Göteborgs Stad Kultur and Kulturrådet.


We have a fixed ramp at the front door threshold and we also have a longer ramp to get out if needed, for the stairs that go up to the upper part of the gallery. The toilet has wall mounted handles.