Making of Mountains

Maja Droetto

At Galleri 54 I show a kinetic sculpture and try to capture a feeling of might and lightness. 

I have long been fascinated by mountains and have had ideas about them breathing. Only recently have I begun to delve into them artistically.

We are often struck with awe in the vicinity of mountains, perhaps they make us feel vertiginous in the face of the rock's ancient history. Perhaps they make us think of natural forces or higher powers. Perhaps it is their magnificent scale and weight that overwhelm us.

But in the grand scheme of things, a mountain is something permeable and fleeting, a small crease in the universe that comes and goes. A whim of the gods. Just think of the neutrinos, particles that hurtle through space basically unhindered by matter. Thousands of billions of them move through your body every second. Not even Earth poses any major obstacle in their path. So how then would a mountain?

Maja Droetto lives and works in Gothenburg. She mainly works with sculpture and installation.