Azam Sadeghi Benab

Sahar Seyedian Choubi

During the matriarchal era in Ancient Iran, the people would mummify the bodies of their beloved ones by placing them in a fetal-position in an ovum-shaped urn. Then the urn would be buried in the basement of their houses alongside the ornaments loved and cherished throughout a lifetime and materials that would help the deceased in the afterlife. The miracle of life started as a fetus in the womb, and when it ended, the bodies of the dead would be returned into the womb of mother nature. Today, our history is filled with men and women who voluntarily sacrificed the gift of life for a higher cause and got buried in anonymous mass graves. People who deserved a proper funeral which indicate the end of one journey and cherish the ushering of a new one. A shrine that will let the glory of these people be undimmed before the breaking of the world. I started to weave this piece like a carpet weaver weaves her tapestry; I know what happened to me in the process of making every inch of it, what have I placed inside every knot. May this be the supply for their eternal journey.