small things dying under a clear blue sky

Dustin Maxwell
Kort utställning

Friday March 18th

Artist talk with Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt 
Sunday March 20th 

small things dying under a clear blue sky, is an exploration of the simultaneity of dying and living – a polyrhythmic pulse on the continuum of Life. Meanwhile, the impartial sky bears witness to this perpetual dance and says nothing. This project is an ongoing and continually evolving visual art performance and practice formed through embodied research on dying, desire, persistence, and transmutation. In its Galleri 54 incarnation, dustin will build an installation for a durational performance amidst his small-things-dying artifacts which include drawings, paintings, sculptures and film. He will be wearing costumes by Irena Romendik and accompanied by an original soundscore by Aaron Rourk. You are invited to stay for the performance for as long as you like and come and go as you please. This is a container for community, contemplation and intrapersonal communication.

I make performances that I consider to be visual art and dance artifacts that are the psychic remains of my dancing. These are in the form of drawing, film, and sculpture. My art is informed by my creative embodiment practice which is a bridge between the material and the imperceptible. My creative practices are self-designed, body-driven and intermixed with elements of Noguchi Taiso, and Butoh. I use performance to amplify rituals that serve as homage to the unknown.  Otherness, sexuality, spirituality, death and the magic of being are themes central to my work and life.