100,000 YRS

Ola Lindgren

The artwork 100,000 YRS explores the complexity of designing messages for communication with people or other life forms – 1,000 years, 10,000 years and even 100,000 years ahead. This enormous time frame is what we need to take into account when trying to protect future civilizations from the potential danger of world-destruction that we have created during our lifetime.

"Based on international research on these issues in connection with the work on the final disposal of radioactive waste, I have interpreted parts of the proposed messages and expressions and highlighted them in a contemporary context." – Ola Lindgren

Pending the Government's decision on 27th of January on the final disposal of radioactive waste – something which, like the title of the artwork, affects a time frame of 100,000 years into the future – Lindgren's work is highly relevant. How do we protect coming generations from the damage we generate, and how do we convey messages into the future? Is it even possible? Ola Lindgren is currently studying a master's degree in design at HDK-Valand, and his work 100,000 YRS kickstarts the new year at PEEPSHOW with vernissage on the 21st of January at 18:00 – We warmly welcome you all!

PEEPSHOW is Galleri 54's window gallery facing Kastellgatan. We ask visitors to take into account current restrictions regarding Covid-19 and to stay home in case of any symptoms.