Sofia Eliasson

Opening Saturday Sep 3d at 12.00

In the exhibition Grönjord, three new works are presented: a series of paintings in ink, an installation with casts in recycled tin and a wall painting with the pigment green earth. Paintings of Ophrys insectifera — a species of orchid imitating female digger wasps — coexist with pewter casts of avocado and nectarine seeds, peanuts, love hearts, bottle caps, flower bulbs, and limestone flour from the Ordovician Period.

Sofia Eliasson (b.1981) lives in Oslo and works with sculpture, installation and painting. She graduated with an MFA from the Bergen Art Academy in 2017. Eliasson engages with our recorded history and its traces in our present. She researches the human relationship with the material and a potential future. By combining materials from different ages and man-made objects with naturally created elements, she reflects on the relationship between nature and culture and how they inseparably are part of one another.

Eliasson works in relationship and dialogue with materials she collects in public spaces, archives and literature. A work process of tracing, examining impressions and copying material is central in her practice. The relationship between the present and the absent, copy and original, but above all the intertwining process of combining materials that take shape and together become, is a significant part of her practice.

Sofia Eliasson has previously exhibited at Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Kristiansand Kunsthall, Norsk Billedhoggerforening, Oslo, Aldea, Bergen och Nitja art centre, among others. Coming projects include KRAFT gallery, Bergen och Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn.

Artist and writer Anngjerd Rustand has written the text Hva om vi allerede vet?  for the exhibition.

The exhibition has been carried out with generous support from the Norwegian Culture Council and the Clara Lachman Foundation.


Med stöd av
Norsk Kulturråd och Stiftelsen Clara Lachmans Fond