Festina Pace

Sara Lännerström

“Beyond stress in a big old house, they try on clothes. A green jacket like a pea, a red glossy jacket from New York and a kimono. A purple blazer. The floor is no longer, just gravel and soil. Dirty light shines through a window. They are waiting. Preparing. Trying to have a good time. In another place. Qorban may stay. He's getting a driver's license. Russia is at war. People are starving. I feed the white pigeons. They get coconut flakes and flax seeds. So they fly. I want to turn up the party. We have to fight harder. Astrid chooses the kimono and dances.”

Can art be a tool to change? Or is art always another truth. An open door. A freedom where many truths can be accommodated. In working with the exhibition Lännerström has read parts of One Thousand and One Nights. Digging into the fairy tales, the magical stories to find clues to what is happening today. Why is life so brutal in some places? The artist approaches the difficult trying to finds new paths forward. Through treasure hunts, scraps, sorrows, parties and adventures she makes an attempt to hasten peace, with the magic of art – Festina Pace.

Sara Lännerström (b. 1975) lives in Gothenburg. She works mainly with larger sculpture and installations, often outdoors and with recycled materials. At Gallery 54, in addition to sculpture and installations, a new film will be seen and some paintings. During the summer she has been in Amsterdam via the ERCN Residency Program, building an art installation on a parking roof. Sara Lännerström is also topical with a work in the exhibition "Burnout" which will be shown at Konsthallen, Göteborg during the autumn.

More at www.saralannerstrom.com