att förtära, att förtäras 

Dorna Aslanzadeh

to consume, to be consumed

To consume, to be consumed is an exhibition that addresses a number of questions concerning eating, being in relationship and daring to truly die. How can we come to terms with the merciless fact that everything needs to consume another, be it animals or plants, in order to exist? Where is the boundary between what is mine and what is yours in this process?

At the same time, humans have sidestepped this cycle by creating coffins that take longer to decay than our bodies. At least here in the West. What does it signify that we cannot offer ourselves up until the very end? What does it mean that we keep hoarding beyond death? 


Dorna Aslanzadeh is a fine artist working in Gothenburg (MFA Akademin Valand 2014). Her practice is an exploration of the link between the metaphysical and the material, the uncovering of the continuous and timeless conversations between objects/beings/institutions/movements and actions. Additionally she is involved in communities that initiate contexts and conversations which re-evaluate what it means to be in relation, reflect on the time we spend together and what it could mean to institute love. 

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