Transcending the body

Noah Holtegaard

“Transcending the body is a study of a queer body in relation to digitality, and the possibility of creating one's own body virtually. The work is about the dream of transformation, with inspiration from transformational scenes from cartoons I saw as a child, like Winx, Ben10 and Dragon Ball, as a metaphor for transgenderism. I have not chosen my own body, but I can choose my avatar. I hope one day to be able to become a cyborg. ”

Noah Holtegaard

Through photo, text and light, Holtegaard fills PEEPSHOW with an installation that talks about queerness, the idea of transformation and the dream of being able to freely choose your body. The work becomes both a personal and a relatable portrait of an inner struggle between the self and the physical form. Using popular culture cartoons as inspiration, the artist explores magical transformation as a metaphor for transgenderism. At the same time, the explored theme of the "improved" human being, the cyborg, is highly relevant in our time - will we one day be able to freely choose the design of our bodies, and how close are we to a reality where cyborgs are part of everyday life?

A warm welcome to Noah Holtegaard's TRANSCENDING THE BODY at PEEPSHOW, opening on March 25 at 18:00!