Sovstad / en hinna / en dröm

Charlie Vince Jakobsson & Moa Hjärtström

when I dream I dream about swamps, wetlands

I dream about the surface

I dream about utopias

I dream about care

Slowly. Is an approach too. An act related to the work that dreaming actually is. To not prioritize productivity is closely embedded with not prioritizing strength - to allow for other values to find their spaces. This is not a work about the wars, but we are aware of how the surrounding world is affected by them when we talk about utopias and in what light or shadow the work can be read. Through sharing, we write about the dream as a state of illusions and utopias, creating immaterial spaces through imagination, text and images where we can meet. To dream is something we use as artists, as friends, as human beings. In a world where the softest never seems to win, we believe in the importance of creating welcoming, shareable strategies for dreaming in the spirit of passivity and softness.

Charlie Vince Jakobsson and Moa Hjärtström have an ongoing collaboration since 2020, and their joint work has previously been exhibited at Galleri 54 and Gallery Rotor2. Together they examine a method for sharing artistic process through writing and correspondence. During 2022 they have been working on a project regarding dreams, illusions and utopias. In the work Sovstad / en hinna / en dröm (Sleepcity / a surface / a dream) they show a glimpse into the dreamworld that they have written of and fantasized about, mentally connected but physically parted, working from different locations in Europe.