Quantum state, 2021

Malin Mattebo

“In a 1935 article, Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen examined how strongly correlated quantum states would interact with each other. They found that when two particles are strongly correlated, they lose their individual quantum states and instead share a single, uniform state." – Malin Mattebo

Welded iron is woven together with soft textile shapes. Wool meets rust. The individual state dissolves and instead gives place to a new physical being, a new unified existence. In the work Quantum state, Malin Mattebo has carried out a material investigation inspired by the strange behaviors of the particles that were presented in 1935. In Mattebo's artistic process, the dialogue with the material is the incentive force. She strives for an intuitive work process with materials as co-creators, where contrasting properties in different material choices are allowed to create tension in the artworks. This perceived tension is then given form as both two- and three-dimensional works, mainly in the form of textile sculptures, collages and plant dyed fabrics.