Fernando & The Spectator

Saga Trygged Iko & Sally Karlsson

Fernando & The Spectator

On the 18th of February, PEEPSHOW once again welcomes you to a new exhibition of current art students from HDK-Valand! This time Saga Trygged Iko and Sally Karlsson each present one of their works in Galleri 54's window gallery.

The Spectator is a play with the idea of observing or being observed. Here Sally Karlsson herself acts as a visitor at an art exhibition, wearing the mask of the male figure who forms the core of the work. Skeptically, he looks around before slowly approaching and making the viewer of the work the object of his own gaze. Meanwhile, Fernando moves aimlessly and deprived of function in his cramped prison in between.

Fernando is an investigation of the meeting between artificial and organic, between mechanical and animate movements. In this work Saga Trygged Iko has created an anthropomorphic creature of robotics and latex, captivating the viewer with its confused appearance and subtle vibrations.

In Fernando & The Spectator latex strings interact with latex faces in an exploration of both perspective and perception of reality, the human and the inhuman. Fernando's feverish movements and vibrating rods urge us to feel for him, while The Spectator's unpleasant gaze makes us extremely aware of our own intrusive presence – Who is the artist, work of art or viewer? The prominent personalities of the two works draw attention to what is real, who has the power in the situation as well as how and when we can suddenly feel monitored: A gradual transition from a sense of control to a sense of vulnerability.

Vernissage at PEEPSHOW on February 18 at 18:00 - Welcome!

PEEPSHOW is Galleri 54's window gallery facing Kastellgatan 7.