Nr 8. Serien Off The Wall

Olof Persson & David Sabel
Short Exhibition

Off The Wall is a series of LCD works. A collaboration between artists Olof Persson and David Sabel. 

No 8 in the series consists of an installation with a transparent screen freely placed in the room. The image is vertically divided by two rectangularly cropped LCD filters in its window. It is a sterile expression, where the work separates the environment and the viewer in a peculiar sensitivity. We create a border between public and private, a non-place that provides a space with a view that changes in transparency shades. It is a movement of images and sounds that is constantly elusive, on its way somewhere else. It is volatile and almost intangible. The Off the Wall series simultaneously includes associations of dream conditions, social interaction in privacy-demanding contexts, and post-industrial administration with anonymous office landscape environments.

Olof Persson has studied Fine Art & New Media at Konsthögskolan Valand and Sculpture at Örebro Konstskola. 
David Sabel has studied Sound Art at Högskolan för Scen och Musik and at Gotlands tonsättarskola. 

No. 8
Off The Wall Series
2 lcd filters applied on acrylic glass, linden wood frame, sound and digital programming
210 x 250 x 4 cm, 7 min in loop

Artists: Olof Persson and David Sabel
Sound composition: David Sabel
Architect: Johannes Luchmun
Construction Installation: Pontus Nadén
Lcd application: Tomas Solver

Thanks to Galleri 54, Nadén Snickeri, AJS and Delfi Tech. Special thanks to Johannes Luchmun.


Med stöd av
Göteborgs Stad, Västra Götalandsregionen och Konstnärsnämnden