Den tredje hjärnhalvan


Kanslibyrån: The Third Cerebral Hemisphere

For almost fifteen years, Kanslibyrån (The Secretariat Bureau) has waged a small-scale and persistent struggle in everyday life where society's ideals of rationality, obedience and efficiency are questioned on both a public and personal level.

"We live in a fragmented and polarized reality where cold and seemingly rational mechanisms such as market forces, bureaucratic processes and social hierarchies shape our surroundings, at the same time as emotion, irrationality and imagination are twisted beyond recognition in a medialized and digitalized reality full of post truths and outrage."

Here, Kanslibyrån believes that it is important to carefully nurture the irrational and consciously embrace a curious and naive gaze on our surroundings. Everyday interventions, tentative gestures and micro-resistance become a form of mental long-distance training. Kanslibyrån’s organization and collection of various actions constitute a body of ritual protective measures against our current production-oriented and socially divisive paradigm.

At Galleri 54, Kanslibyrån exhibits a large selection of photographs documenting objects and actions as well as text based works. 

At 19.00 on the day of the opening, Kanslibyrån will read from its Program Statement that was published earlier this year. The reading is in Swedish.

Kanslibyrån is Per-Arne Sträng (b.1976) and John Huntington (b.1981).

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