Slow Shopping

Sally von Rosen

Opening Friday Oct 11th at 6–9pm

Sally von Rosen reproduces images and actions, found in her playful, absurd, and dramatic observations, which she places in the tension between the uncanny and comic. She focuses on performance, installation, and video where she plays with ideas on adopting objects, how we treat material things and how they make us act.

The piece Slow Shopping, viewed at Peepshow Gallery 54 11th of Oct - 3 of Nov 2019, concerns our actions around material things with Jane Bennett’s theories on new materialism and thing-power in mind. In Bennett’s theories on thing-power von Rosen interprets that also objects are alive and can share characteristics with humans, animals, and plants. Slow Shopping is a performance installation including a silent auction via email of one bag that is placed behind a glass window. The bag is viewed as a pet and through the auction the pet will get a new owner. The new owner has to sign a contract drawn up by a lawyer, similar to a contract for buying a horse, stating ownership and a promise to care of the bag. If objects can be alive, von Rosen is playing with the idea of your bag being a pet and thereby demanding care and a stroll around town, much like you take your dog for a walk – you can also take your bag for a walk.

To participate in the silent auction send your bid via email to, the highest bidder wins the bag when the exhibition is over. For more information please visit

Sally von Rosen is educated at Gothenburg School of Art, Gothenburg University, Valand Academy, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her previous exhibitions this year includes Gallery RÝMD in Reykjavik, Bildmuseet in Umeå, and Gallery Andersson/Sandström in Stockholm.

Sally von Rosen (b.1994 Gothenburg, Sweden) is based in Berlin, Germany.