Tove Nankler

Nature is our home, our source and our living room. The soil, the trees, the shadows. The light and the smell. The roots. The pine needles. The leaves, the moisture. To create harmony between light and darkness, with nature’s help. Everyone’s mother who watches over us, embraces. So that we, secure, dare to be. Who we are. Dare to see, dare to feel. So that the darkest dark and coldest hard can be reshaped into something harmonious and peaceful.

Skogen is a documentation over how nature contributes to inspiration and creativity. Photos from a hiking in the woods of Värmland have been paintings and sketches that have been abstract prototypes. It can bee seen as a tribute to nature and to what it gives. And it can be used as inspiration for anyone who wants it.


This spring Galleri 54 and peepshow will be visited by Konstnärernas Mamma Kollektiv.
Exhibiting artists are:
Anna Kinbom 23.1–14.2
Tove Nackler 20.2–14.3
Anna Elisa Nilsson 17.4–9.5
Johanna Arvidsson 22.5–13.6

More information about KMK:

Peepshow is Galleri 54's window gallery facing Kastellgatan.