Matilda Lindblom & Maja Oldefors

Opening Friday 17 Sep 6–9pm

Revival! Peepshow is back and will once again be run by and for students at HDK-Valand. During the autumn's first exhibition KONTROLL we are showing the works How to write an artist statement by Matilda Lindblom and Jag rår inte för det by Maja Oldefors. Liberation from the strict nature of language meets desperation and the limitations of the body in two eternal processes with the illusion of control.

What happens when words are not enough? What do we do when our inner limitations become physical manifestations? Repetition, collection, disintegration. Lines of black ink meet slow rivers of red liquid. Lindblom addresses the rules and inadequacy of the written word as she deconstructs it through the destructive force of the ink itself. Oldefors works with the body's connotations in a performance that deals with themes around existence and powerlessness: the words cover the walls while the floor is slowly overflowing with blood. A meeting of two different rituals that are as meaningless and chaotic as they are methodical and therapeutic.