Blå dröm

Ronak Azeez

”The colour blue inspires me and gives me a sense of peace. Blue reminds me of the sea and the brave people who every day crosses the sea for Europe in search of a secure homeland. They are aware of the dangers of the journey and they risk their lives. The blue dream is about crossing the waves for a future, to love and security – away from war."

Born 1970 in Kurdistan, Iraq. Active as an artist and art teacher in Kerkuk, Iraq 2005-2010, where she also chaired the Art Association Dijla. In 2011 she moved to Sweden and now lives in Gothenburg.
Ronak Azeez is fascinated by nature. Her paintings often depict people fighting for their rights and the human struggle against dominance and war. 

Fine Art BA from the College of Fine Art, University of Baghdad,
Iraq 2000.