Ensemble Makadam with Malin Wättring & Misha Pedan
Short Exhibition

Pictures at an exhibition

Ensemble Makadam dissects and comments on compositions with improvisation and fragmentation. By randomly combining classical works with planned and spontaneous improvisation, new musical forms are created.

Together with saxophonist Malin Wättring, they take on Modest Mussorgsky's large symphonic work Pictures at an exhibition. "We see ourselves as 'hackers' who freely steal, distort, reinterpret and rediscover the musical material."

Mussorgsky wrote the work as a tribute to his late friend the artist Victor Hartman and 10 of his pictures form the basis of the various titles. Makadam want to problematize this narrative approach to music and at the same time expand the concepts of concert / exhibition by using the music as an installation and let the photographer Misha Pedan choose 10 pictures with or without relation to Hartman's pictures. Also as a concert at Atalante March 19–20th.

Anna Lindal violin, Elsbeth Bergh viola, Kristina Lindgård cello, Sara Sjödahl piano, Malin Wättring saxophon, Misha Pedan photographer.