Politik, erotik och döden

Lasse Långström
Short Exhibition

Galleri 54 and SAQMI invites you to an extraordinary spectacular weekend with the artist and film director Lasse Långström. Along with friends, Långström makes awareness raising homoerotic, anarchist musicals and occult class war comedies.
Långström has worked with film and within their queer community in Gothenburg for over 10 years. Their catalogue includes long and short films; musicals, video work, documentary and much more. On top of that it provides a documentation of a movement/subculture, staging its struggles, conflicts, visions, fantasies and utopias.
Curator: Anna Linder / SAQMI

Extended opening hours:
Fri Aug 28th 1pm–8pm
Sat Aug 29th 12–5pm
Sun Aug 30th 12–5pm