Alina Dzeravianka, Ingrid Falk, Linda Tedsdotter, Chiara Valli, Elina Vidarsson
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Heritage-making, the creation and recreation of cultural and historical meaning and identity, is done by different actors and at different levels, from institutions, museums, their visitors, to common people.

In our collective project, we focus on different forms of heritagization that emerge parallel and/or in conflict with official and authorized forms of heritage making. In particular, we are interested in highlighting, enacting and performing alternative processes of (alternative) heritage-making collectively, through art practice and activism in urban public spaces.

The project is composed of different parts that dialogue and build on one another to explore how art and activism can make heritage.


It is a complex and controversial term, but a common broad definition is “[a]ll inherited resources which people value for reasons beyond mere utility” (English Heritage 2008:71).

More specifically, cultural heritage can be defined as “[i]nherited assets which people identify and value as a reflection and expression of their evolving knowledge, beliefs and traditions, and of their understanding of the beliefs and traditions of others” (English Heritage 2008:71).

UNESCO provides a definition for urban heritage, which comprehends “[m]onumental heritage of exceptional cultural value, non-exceptional heritage elements but present in a coherent way with a relative abundance, new urban elements to be considered (for instance): the urban built form; the open space: streets, public open spaces; urban infrastructures: material networks and equipments” (UNESCO 2011).

Project  STATUS – artists' role in changing society is an ongoing collaboration with artists and cultural actors from Belarus and presented in Sweden by Konstepidemin. "Through collaborative research, meetings/seminars/workshops/artistic events to encourage activities for a continuing change in order to broaden the perception of our immanent and global environment, to increase the awareness of the artists of their own active role in changing society". At the Gallery 54 one of the groups whose collaborative effort focuses on questions of heritagization will present their investigations and will meet a Gothenburg audience during 3 days of the exhibition.
A meeting point format. You are mostly welcome to meet the participants during the gallery opening hours and exchange with them your experience, discuss visions and thoughts within the topic.


I samarbete med
In collaboration with Konstepidemin and project STATUS - artists' role in changing society